Jex's miata

A lot of fun stuff… and not so fun stuff… happened today. It was a good chance for me to capture some more cool in-car footage from my GoPro, and also I finally tested the new engine build on the S14 at the track. With the previous stock build, I was able to get a 1:30 on 595 RSR tires.… Read the rest of this now >>

Technically, I should have been driving a Miata on this day. But unfortunately, it wasn’t ready for tracking. So, I ended up taking my S14 instead, which also was not prepared for a grip event (it had drift tires on it) but was at least mechanically okay. Here are 4 video, I hope you enjoy them.… Read the rest of this now >>

The thing with going to the Balcony… is that it’s just the Balcony. You get a handful of turns to practice car control, and when you have it all figured out, you’re mentally done for the day. And this can happen as soon as… Ohh… lunch time, if you’re good enough.… Read the rest of this now >>

Tim and Joe's Subarus

What we all thought would be a blazing hot summer day suddenly turned into a rain event. For someone who enjoys “accidentally” drifting at grip events, I instantly regretted not signing up for this track day with Extreme Speed.

Small Turn Out at Streets of Willow in the Rain

Although, delay after delay of having to pull trapped cars out of the muddy course eventually started to get old.… Read the rest of this now >>

Finally, a night event that we can all (hopefully join). This will be at Streets of Willow in the counter-clockwise configuration. Prepare for some super hard braking into the hairpin-left after the long straight, while you light up those brake rotors for all to see!

When: August 24, 2013 at 4:00pm until Midnight
Where: Willow Springs International Raceway

Register here if you’re interested in coming out to join Dreamer Soul at the event.… Read the rest of this now >>

It’s time to hit up Streets of Willow again. This time, there’s no joint drift event happening on the same day, so hopefully we can all get out there and have some fun. It’s going to be a hot day and a long night, with highs in the 100’s. Lawdy pray for those of us with turbos!… Read the rest of this now >>

Spec Drift 2 is coming to you in about a month’s time. The first event was a success, with a nice small crowd and tons of track time for practice and tutorial sessions. Here are the details for Spec Drift #2:

When: July 13, 2013 from 3pm to 12am (midnight, that’s right)
Where: The Balcony at Willow Springs International Raceway
Price: $90

Sign up at Read the rest of this now >>

What a spectacular day at the Balcony. As expected, with the small turnout we had over the weekend, there was a ton of track time to be had by all the drivers. Here are a few highlights from the event, followed by the big gallery!

I never claimed to be the best drifter in the world, but I know I can teach.… Read the rest of this now >>

So, we’re finally hosting an event — sorta. Spec Drift #1 is coming, brought to you by Dreamer Soul and Extreme Speed Track Events. Track is being rented by Extreme Speed, and staffing, tutorial, and organization is being given by none other than the cool people of DS.

So, come one, come all!… Read the rest of this now >>

May 25th, 2013 – Jex beat out the other Enthusiast-Class Miatas at Extreme Speed’s Roadster Cup, winning first place. Here’s a video of his fast lap. Enjoy!… Read the rest of this now >>