Here’s some footage from our latest event at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway. Video is taken from Soap’s White Subaru STI. Go to 5:00 to watch Migs dodge Lawrence in the cloud of dust hahah.. good times…

Overall, it was a good event – a bit too toasty, but not bad. The cars were definitely getting heated.… Read the rest of this now >>

Congratulations to Louis for winning Second Place in the front-wheel-drive street class at this past weekend’s Redline Time attack. The competition was fierce, but he managed to get away with this second place win on a nearly stock Honda Civic. How about that! Here are some pictures from the event:

Here’s David and Chris staring each other down before their tickle fight.… Read the rest of this now >>

So, IF David’s car is going to be ready for this event, then it’s on.

When: March 23 (Practice) – March 24 (Comp.) 2013
Where: Big Willow at Willow Springs International Raceway, in Rosamond, California

IF David will be going, there will be motel rooms available on Friday night. For details on the event itself, click the Redline Time Attack logo above.… Read the rest of this now >>