Greddy GRacer Lip Repaired
Almost a year ago, I snapped my super sweet Greddy GRacer Lip in half 🙁 Shortly after, I decided to test my luck by JB Welding the pieces back together. Well, that didn’t work. I was just too bummed out to post an update about it. Since then, this glorious lip has sat, collecting dust in the garage.… Read the rest of this now >>

Of course, it was bound to happen…

The lip, straight from Mount Olympus, designed and forged by the gods of aesthetics, sat in cryo-stasis in my garage for not one, but two years. Unpainted, it longed for action on the open road. Many moons later, it was finally draped with the silky black jade pearl color, more beautiful than the most illustrous shade of green on the most heavenly eyes of the most captivating woman that would ever live.… Read the rest of this now >>

So, after facing the heat at Willow Springs last month, I set out to do some things to keep the S14 cooler. One of the mods is this Greddy Coolant Breather. It functions to keep air out of the system through a funky swirl-pot system. If you’re wondering, yes I painted it.… Read the rest of this now >>