Sign up for Drift/Grip V at Grange Circuit June 27th, 2015

grange aerial

Where: Grange Motor Circuit in Apply Valley, California
When: June 27th, 2015 from 8:00am to 5:00pm (Gates open at 8am. Drivers' meeting is at 9am sharp!)

Event Features:
• 20 Entrants Max for MAX TRACK TIME and MINIMAL TRAFFIC
• Gather 4 people (including yourself) and have your own private run group
• Passengers OK
• $70 Entry
• Share 1 car with a co-driver for an extra $40
• There will be a drift run group(s)
• There will be a grip run group(s)
• Free Drift / Grip training sessions when available
• Free Helmet Rentals when necessary

Track Features:
• 14 turns
• 8/10 mile
• Elevation Changes
• Concrete Curbs on inside turn radius
• Concrete Rumple Strips at run-off areas
• 25-feet minimum run off for safety
• Single & double row hay bails all around the track. This is a very safe track.
• ~1:15 lap

• DOT Approved Helmet
• Seatbelts or Racing Harness
• Car must not leak fluids (oil/water/brake fluid, etc.)
• Bring your cell-phone and a car charger for lap timing (optional)

Special Notes:
• Grange's owner also owns a pizza parlor and delivers food to the track at lunch time! (at about noon)
• Refunds are ok until June 13th at midnight.
• Private groups of 4 or more drivers can be organized. Private groups allow some flexibility with the event program for your group. For example, you can run in the opposite direction, have standing starts, and more. For more information on private groups, please ask in the comment box on the sign-up form below.
• There's a dirt road between the track and the nearest town. You'll want to come prepared with drinks, tires, etc., so you don't have to venture out until the end of the event. (Unless you enjoy rally, that's up to you!)
• GPS navigation to Grange Motor Circuit can be a bit funky sometimes. There are 2 ways in - one way has a dirt road, and the other way is like the Dakar Rally. The one that you want to take is Stoddard Wells Rd. to Central Rd.

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