Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion Trip

Ferrari F40 of Peace

It’s not too often that I get a chance to surround myself with exotic cars. To be honest, I practically have an ill disinterest in them. A guy like me enjoys cars that are more relatable, and for someone of my meek social status, one could say that these million-dollar symbols of wealth have little for me to identify with. Ok, there was a 240sx and an RX-7. Sort of. They were basically tube frame cars with bodies resembling a 240 and an rx7 draped on top of them.

They’re like Super Man. The best of the best… so good, so iconic, they they sometimes cross over into cliche’d boringness. But, while I’d rather hang out with more human-like automobiles with all their imperfections, spending some time with Super Man every now and then can be quite entertaining.

Ride in Style, Porsche Style

I guess you could say this was the “proper” way to travel when visiting a gathering of super cars. Jumped into Eric’s Porsche Haerse, aka “Panamera,” and took off to the bay while listening to house music and smashing the boost. Starting to feel entitled already. Mmm… feels good man. I feel my wages sky-rocketing towards max level at this point.

Who the hells

The first stop was at Denny’s, somewhere north of the Grape Vine. Breakfast of champions. Champions… and constipation victims. “It’s ok, it’s ok… ” I told my bowels, for it would be better to hold it in than to have to make an emergency pit stop in the middle of nowhere.

Welcome to Monterey

Somewhere down the line, I must have fallen asleep. My butt hurt when I woke up. I must have farted a lot as I was passed out. But my eyes were pleased to see this sign as we pulled off from the freeway.

Exotics on Canary Row

The first stop was an event on the main boulevard called Exotics on Cannery Row. Such a sight to behold with all these cool cars. It was as if all the rich people of Arcadia, Rowland Heights, and San Marino (and you know… Malibu… etc) decided to have a get-together to flaunt their nice cars while the normal peasants stared at the grandeur.

Shanty Town Camping

By the time we finished browsing Cannery Row, it was time to set up the tent over at Laguna Seca. I had never camped at an actual race track before. This was really cool!

Formula Cars vroom vroom

The next day was the beginning of the main racing event at Laguna Seca. The pits looked awesome with all sorts of cars. There were these old Formula cars and a bunch of other types of race cars.

Action Shots from Far Away

I like how my camera automatically makes these photos look “vintage” due to its quality and distance from the action haha. There were a few good spots to watch the racing. This was one of them, at the braking zone to one of the hairpin corners before the corkscrew.

Check the gallery below for the rest of the pictures. I’m thankful for being able to see this spectacle. Would I go again? Maybe! I’m more of a grass roots, down-to-earth car type of person though. I get bored of seeing the best of the best, weirdly enough. But the trip was fun. And if you’ve never seen this show before, try checking it out at least once in your life.

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