Ramen of Peace at Yamadaya

So, last night, the homeless bums Naki, myself, and Kurisu went to go eat at Yamadaya, known for its bomb-diggity ramen. I’ve never tried it before, so I figured, “Eh why not?” Lettuce just say I was most pleased with this fine establishment.

Here’s what that intense ramen looks like. This was the shoyu-tonkotsu ramen. It looks like any ordinary ramen, but it’s really something special. It’s all in the soup base! It’s a little bit thicker than your usual ramen base, and it’s full of flavor, just the way us poor boys like it. It was good, really! Seriously, it caught me off guard, and my pants were almost peppered. My angus was ready, but my bucket seat was not. Good thing I can clench my butt cheeks really tight. Ok moving on…

One of the cool things about Yamadaya was the fresh garlic. They hand you a garlic crusher with a few cloves of garlic, and you can crush it directly into your soup. How’s that for fresh? It adds a bit more flavor to an already flavorful soup, BUT it doesn’t overpower my royal taste buds. Sorcery, indeed. Japanese voodoo wielders have done it again.

Naki got a side of… something over rice. I forgot what this pinkish-orange nonsense was, but it probably tasted good next to the bits of weed hash since he turned this into an empty bowl in a few minutes.

And here’s what you get after a super nice meal — an empty bowl and a “let’s hold our farts in until we get to the car” facial expressions.

On the way outta here, someone snipered a picture of me driving the S14 back to Naki’s place. Trying to steal my style ey?? Impossibiru! har HAR!

One thought on “Ramen of Peace at Yamadaya

  1. It’s called mentaiko bowl … the pink stuff is fish egg sack… with little baby fish inside. Pepper your angus—it is the best thing on rice.

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