Pics from Streets of Rain (Streets of Willow) on July 18th, 2015 with Extreme Speed

Tim and Joe's Subarus

What we all thought would be a blazing hot summer day suddenly turned into a rain event. For someone who enjoys “accidentally” drifting at grip events, I instantly regretted not signing up for this track day with Extreme Speed.

Small Turn Out at Streets of Willow in the Rain

Although, delay after delay of having to pull trapped cars out of the muddy course eventually started to get old. I think we spent more time chillin,’ or more like “getting soaked” in the parking lot rather than actually driving.

A Storm Approaches at Streets of Willow

After the first sprinkle of rain ended, I decided it would be a great opportunity to fire up the BBQ. But little did I anticipate the coming storm.

The Dreamer Soul BBQ Machine has Arrived

With the grill blazing, hot dogs and sauces at the ready, I and the few members of our little group huddled nearby and waited for the coals to reach their normal operating temperature. But then…

Hiding from the Rain inside the S14

… This happened. At times, it was rain… just rain. No big deal, some wet clothes never hurt anybody. But suddenly, the pouring became so heavy that we all had to retreat to our cars. And the only thing I could worry over… “Damn, is the fire ok? Please tell me the fire is ok…”

Hotdogs are What I Came For

“You’re Damn Right, the fire was ok.” This is what we came here for. Not to break any lap times; not to try our best at keeping up with the awd cheaters in our basic little 2wd cars; not to walk the paddocks like cocky new age hipsters because we managed to drift hairpin number 1 and connect it to hairpin number 2.

No. We came here to conquer mother nature, and eat hot dogs in the rain.

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