Pics from Spec Drift 1 @ The Balcony (Willow Springs International Raceway)

What a spectacular day at the Balcony. As expected, with the small turnout we had over the weekend, there was a ton of track time to be had by all the drivers. Here are a few highlights from the event, followed by the big gallery!

I never claimed to be the best drifter in the world, but I know I can teach. I had the pleasure of giving some tutorial sessions to a decent chunk of all the attendees who showed up. There was Tyler in the AE86, Mike from Corner 3 Garage in his S14, Sean Mulyanto, one of our guests with a 350z, and a time attacker with a Porsche GT3, and others as well. I wish there was an award for most improved. I’d have given it to Tyler, who went from understeering into corners to learning how to initiate drifts with weight shift, clutch kick, and ebrake.

Some of the best drifting this weekend was done by these brothers in their BMWs. The “Beam Team,” as it appears. I’m not sure if they meant “beam” as in “Bimmer,” or meaning that they like to get very close to the outter beam of the final corner on the track. Either way, awesome stuff!

And then there were these guys. I remember the names of Yuki and David, but I didn’t catch the third one. I believe they’re from FIT Motorsports. Some nice tandem to be had here, and overall great drivers. One S14 had a clean 1JZ swap (cheater! j/k :p)

Towards the end of the day, we were surprised (yeah, the staff too) to have this spontaneous drift competition. And here are the winners. 🙂

Spec Drift #2 will be held at night next time. Be sure to catch it because it’s going to be even more awesome! Tell your friends! Oh, and sorry if we’ve missed your car in the photos! Our camera guy gets paid in pizza and sodas, and the pizzas didn’t arrive until about 1pm.

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