Pics from Horse Thief Mile with Just Drift Feb.23, 2013

Ah yes, for today’s adventure, I bring you to the mile of stolen horses in the barren wastelands of Rosamond, California. This place is the drifter’s paradise, otherwise known as… Horse Theif Mile! Today’s event is brought to you by the cool folks at Just Drift!

For this event, I made a nice banner sticker of the Dreamer Soul logo. Gotta get the name out there, ya know? Maybe next time there will be an even cooler design. This was really a last-minute thing using a sticker cutter I recently repo’d from Nakioki.

Here’s all the drivers getting ready for the big event. As you can see, there were many cars ready to take on the Mile — one SUV, one Truck, and an S14.

Just kidding — there were a lot more cars than that, and many more people, like this wild molester making love to my elbow.

Here’s Drift Heaven (Charlie’s) S14. At least, I think it’s his S14, from what I heard.

A cool clean Corolla was also spotted. Beware the tandem with this dude, he’s got a cow-tipper installed on his car.

This guy had a really nice 180SX. Interesting wheels matching the roll cage. What are those, Work Emotions? Also had one of the most detachable front bumpers I’ve seen since the last VHS version of Option Video.

Then there was this “beater” R32. I never thought I’d ever use those two words in the same sentence…

All-in-all it was a great event. I wish there were action photos, but the track was kind of hidden from the pit area. I know there have to be some pro photos out there someplace. And when I find them… I will link ’em. Tires were destroyed by lunchtime.

On the way out, I stopped by some of the other tracks to watch the other events. Here’s an awesome Porsche with a Jet Fighter sort of paint job. Very nice

And there was this GT-2 Class 240sx. How much of this car is actually a 240sx still — I don’t know. Maybe just one or two of the bolts. The rest is full custom.

Also, I noticed the most amount of RX-7s in any one place. I never see them on the street anymore, but I see a lot of them on the track, especially this day. Here’s an awesome 1st Generation RX-7 that was spotted down by the entrance of Willow Springs.

It was still early, so I stopped by Tire Central to get my beat-up drift tires taken off and replaced with my old 595 RS-R’s.

Check the full gallery below for pictures not shown above. Do it now!


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