More Pictures from Horse Thief Mile Feb. 23, 2013

So, finally, one of the photographers that were in-field posted some pictures from the event. I’m sure there are more floating around out there — it’s just a matter of time until I find them. So, here’s the first one — I was kind of spontaneous tandem driving with this guy in the RX-8. Good driver by the way. We had one close call, but no biggie, I’m used to dodging.

Here’s a nice picture of me drifting the S14 at HTM. Nice picture! HNNGGGG!

Last but not least is Li in his Mustang. I think it’s completely stock haha, nice job. Enjoy those crappy China tires man, Achilles for the win hahaha

Sweet pictures were taken by Jonathan Velasquez. If for whatever reasons you want the pictures down, comment below. They’re very nice.

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