Monthly Practice at Apple Valley Speedway aka “Grange”

s14 staging at apple valley speedway

I’m sure some of you are aware of Grange’s.. err.. I mean “Apple Valley Speedway’s” new membership deal. Basically, it’s something like $300 for a year’s worth of open practice days or 200 visits, whichever comes first. So, the plan is to practice once a month, which makes the math go something like this: (each visit = $25). I can get with that.

always bring some beverages in a cooler when racing

So anyways… today’s adventure began… yesterday. Took a picture of this sad cooler with some random drinks in it. It’s August, and last time I went to AVS (we gon’ shorten “Apple Valley Speedway” to “AVS” from now on) it basically got too hot to enjoy being a dori dori dude, and I thought I was gonna turn into a corpse in that desert wasteland. Bringing adequate drinks is super important since it’s Summer.

Pro trick. I think I mentioned it before. But, one bag of regular ice and one bag of dry ice keeps things nice and cold for longer than 24 hours. This is important because I decided to drive out to Apple Valley the night before and do some hotel, motel, holiday inn action. Nobody wants to have to drive an hour plus to the track, drive at the track, then drive home. I mean, sometimes you don’t have a choice, but I’m not a brokeboy anymore 😉

s14 this is the fender that was recently repaired

One of the big things I wanted to test out this time at the track was this fender. This fender here was recently repaired, and I wanted to see if I would rub and burst the filler out and bring this shit back to the stone ages. (note: it survived)

so many signs

After finishing some minor chores (loading up the car, checking lug nuts, eating), I decided to head over to the local gas station with it’s over-the-top amount of promotional signs next to the air machine. It’s like dude, I get it, you sell gas, chill.

not creepy motel

I eventually ended up over here. Hill Top something-something in Victorville (just a couple miles from the track). On one hand, it looks kinda creepy. But… on the other hand, I kind of liked that at the time.

It’s fine. At some point in life, you realize that more people are probably scared or creeped-out by you than you are by them. That probably applies more to guys than it does girls. But ya that’s life, son. If you’re a girl that creeps dudes out more than they creep you out, you’ve got the benefit of late-night safety and the ability to go out by yourself without anything real bad happening. It’s a trade-off. Enjoy it.

whoretel 6

By the way, I usually stay over at this place. BUT for some reason, I decided to check the reviews, and people recently mentioned roaches. Nah thanks. Fix that first, then I’ll be back. Motel 6’s buildings are newer and prettier, but shit dude…

welcome to your whoretel

I just realized… the dude gave me room 204. Wonder if that was like… coincidence or if he did that on purpose (because 240 / 204 / play on numbers).

getting ready for racing

So luxurious. I dunno man. As long as the room is clean and there aren’t any bugs, that’s all that matters. Oh, and as long as the car doesn’t get jacked. LoL that would suck.

s14 staging at apple valley speedway

… which brings us to the very next morning, and this pic of the S14 of Doom by its lonesome self. Nobody showed up, so I had the whole track to myself again. And this time around, the clouds were out cockblocking the sun from penetrating my skin and eyes. Thank you clouds.

Finally figured out that B.S. at turn number 1. With the way my car is right now, it’s 3rd gear on the straight, down-shift to 2nd and brake drift to initiate. Then, it’s downshift to 1st gear mid-corner and try to aim it right to flick out of that corner and connect to the next one. Last is a quick up-shift to 2nd mid-drift to carry things out to the corner after the short straight.

It’s kind of a pain in the ass, and down-shifting to 1st is probably not worth the strain on the car… but… the method is figured out now at least.

avs apple valley speedway podium

I made a how-to video, which I’ll upload soon. Check that out if you want to hear me ramble on about some drifting things in regard to that challenging corner #1. And check out this new sign here. (new to me at least)

Maybe I’ll get my ass up here one of these days… if I feel like it.

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