“Killing Time” at Streets of Willow – First Visit of 2013

Visits to Streets of Willow never disappoint! This time around, everyone was prepared to kill their old lap times, and it showed. Nearly everyone beat their times by at least a few seconds, how about that? There is many a tale to tell, but I only captioned a few of the pictures that I took with my cell phone. Hope you enjoy them! And be sure to take a look at the gallery way at the end, because the rest of the pictures are there.

So, I thought of the great plan to arrive at Willow Springs at “Early-O’-Clock.” Figured I could get there early and take a 1-hour power nap before the drivers’ meeting. I didn’t expect the stars to still be out at this time.

Look a that crap. The gate was locked, so I ended up pulling over to the side and knocking out for a little while. When I woke up, there were a few cars next to me, as if I started the sleepy-time car meet.

Finally, I got in, and the sun came up. I figured, why not take a pic with the new wheel/tire combo on. Super foreveralone status right here. Btw, Ray’s Engineering Gramlight 57D and 57Max. Thanks Ray. And the (cheater) tires of the day were Federal 595 RS-R’s.

Finally, everyone showed up. From left to right – David’s Civic, Chris’ Integra, Brian’s Miata, FTW.Panda’s FR-S, and my S14. Then, Blue’s Tent Type-R, his Mustang, and Raj’s 370Z. Although … the last few are invisible in this picture, I assure you they’re there.

Ah, there’s Blue’s car.

Brian and FTW.Panda getting ready for the event — taking off license plates (for that mad aerodynamics, yo) and zipping on the transponders for lap timing.

Seriously, this tent was 100% badass. Not only did it provide shade, block wind, and store all our tools, but it was also great for knocking out in in-between sessions. For now, I think it’s way better than the easy-up from past events, at least until summertime.

After the morning drivers’ meeting (more like DURING the drivers’ meeting), I had to seriously take a massive dump. Like, my “hands were SUPER dirty,” but I didn’t want to be rude and leave while the speaker was still talking. Usually, I’ll drive up the hill to the Balcony and take a turd, because the bathrooms are always unoccupied and don’t constantly smell like people’s asses. The only problem was that the water was turned off — no flushing and no washing hands. Who cares, right? Well, seems there were a few downed bombers still in the oceans, obviously because no one could flush them away. It was not my style that day to try and build an underwater log cabin, so I decided to leave my essence elsewhere.

Anyways, now you’re probably wondering why I took this picture of a vacant lot instead of the toilets. Well, it’s because it was TOTALLY unguarded and open. I should have taken my car in there and did a lap, but there were more important matters to tend to at the time.

Anyways, after that was taken care of, it was finally time for racing. Here’s David’s Civic on the track. He was getting some sweet oversteer that day. I can appreciate that because I’m a drifter first and a gripper second. Seemed he didn’t like it so much because it slowed his times, but I was like, “wooo great style!”

After my first session was over, the lack of sleep was starting to get to me. So, I knocked out inside the tent for about an hour. Freaking great, I tell yuh whut.

By the end of the event, I was so tired that I forgot to take off these crappy wristbands. I didn’t really notice them on me until I got home and started uploading pictures haha.

Great event though, nearly everyone improved on their times. And for others, it was an opportunity to re-dial in their cars. Good times! For more pictures (a ton more!), see the gallery below. Why? Well, for one thing, they’re much higher quality than the pics above, since they came from Blue’s camera instead of my cell phone. Until next time, LATES!

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