Jex’s Super Alignment Shop

welcome to the jex garage of peace

What’s it been, like… 1 or 2 years since the last update? LoL! I guess having broken cars and stuff has kept us out of the “game” for a little while, but we’re back to report on a project that’s been growing for some time now. We give you… Jex’s Ultra Alignment Shop of Norwalk. Ok, actually, I don’t know the official name, but this will do. Watch it sticks stronger than the official one ha ha ha 😀

jex up in them fender guts

So anyways, on the way to the Evasive Garage Sale, I decided to make a quick stop at Jex’s to watch him do his alignment magic on a customer’s FR-S. Feels good for a change to watch other people work on cars hahah for-real. I showed up shortly after he made some height adjustments. Real nice, took this car from stock rally height to stock rally height. LOL jk jk, it’s lower for sure, I’m just used to seeing slammed 240s most of the time.

fortune 500 coilovers

I knew this would be an all-day affair, as I’ve done this to my own car in the past (faaaaak that, yo.). Today was no exception, but bless his heart for taking the time to do this excellent and tedious job on this car. I took a pic of the coilovers because I like green, unfortunately my eyes revealed (to my brain) the sight of Lucky Fortune 500 Coilovers. LOL just playing, I heard these coilovers are pretty decent and a good bang for the buck. Now time for some rear camber arms to keep this ride from going back-to-the-future and some wheels, and that will be magnifique!

team topak rsx race car in the lot

There were a couple of other cars at Jex’s place at the moment, like this team toe pack RSX race car.

the dreamer soul leprocy miata

Also, the dreamer soul white leper of anguish.

oh geez nice sticker good representation

Fakkin’ Jex, nice sticker job, mate. This is the camouflage version of our team sticker. The question is, is the sticker on top of the primer, or is there merely a hole in the primer revealing the “eam” letters underneath? You be the judge.

i skipped the evasive garage sale for this lol

Not more than mere moments later, I said fakk this and left to get some dim sum express. Would totally pitch a sponsorship from them. Although, the publicity might make the lines longer. SHIT!

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