Finally, New Power Steering Lines

Finally, I put it off for long enough… it was time to change my leaky power steering lines. The two lines going from the reservoir to the rack were the ones leaking, and I thought it would be a simple job. It was, but not as easy as I thought it was going to be.

So, I started by getting all the intake piping out of the way. That was simple and clean enough; it took something like 5 minutes. Then, it was time to suck all the old fluid out of the power steering reservoir using a turkey baster. No problem. Then, it came time to pull off the lines.

Something about old, hard rubber makes them hold their place more permanently than the 7 seas or the skys above. Freaking things. And one of them was just in that perfect place… you know, the place that has a bunch of sharp things that cut you as you reach toward the intended object. It was as if the power steering hoses were on the other side of a thorny rose bush.

Finally, I pulled one off, and the Exxon Mobil oil spill began. Screw it… I pull the 2nd hose, no oil. Nice. So, finally I put the new hoses on while holding my mini flashlight in my mouth to shine some light on this mystery. Everything seemed fine. Turned on the engine, no leaks. Perfecto.

Now, to clean up the massive oil spill on the driveway.

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