FAP Cruise – Dec. 8 2012

FAP is doing a BBQ/Cruise/Photoshoot on Dec. 8th 2012.
Summer is almost over, it’s been really hot out there and we’ve sweat our asses off working on our cars. Now it’s time to show them off by doing our first “FAP Photoshoot”

BBQ, Cruise and Photoshoot @ 74 HWY (ORTEGA HWY)

When: Dec. 8, 2012
Time: 10am
Meet spot: TBD — since most of us lives in the LA area. We can either all meet in one spot then drive to our destination. Or you can go straight to this address:

12 Corte Rivera,
Lake Elsinore, CA

Mark your calendars … and have this date saved (preferably the whole day) this should be a good cruise.

This will be a BBQ, cruise and photoshoot. We will be cruising at Lake Elsinore – Ortega Hwy – Irvine Spectrum.

This will take most of the day. We will start by driving to LE to my parent’s house. From there we will do our BBQ, chill and hang out. After the BBQ we will head out to Ortega HWY and do our cruise/photoshoot. There’s a point on top of the mountain where we can do our shoot and chill. After we do our business we will cruise down the mountain. Please feel free to stop any time to check out the nature that surrounds ortega HWY. After the cruise we will all drive to Irvine Spectrum where we can grab few drinks and etc.

Usual DO’s and Don’ts… no showing off, racing, and etc. Ortega HWY is more for cruising and not some super canyon battle run. And most importantly, respect your environment. Doesn’t metter if it’s someone’s house or the road.

To make this cruise easier for all of us. I suggest everyone to bring a walkie talkie. Both me and Blue have Midland Walkie Talkie. It’s pretty cheap… just check FRYS. Why get one? It’s easier to contact each other in case of any emergency or unscheduled nature stop. Here’s the walkie talkie we currently have — http://www.frys.com/product/7267893;jsessionid=4xy1D0ttlHTcsH4q2d2Q7A__.node4?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG

Here’s a map of our cruise… this is to get an idea how the roads are going to look like.

The day will start @ Lake Elsinore (house) then head to Ortega HWY then Irvine Spectrum


Route A – will start at:

12 Corte Rivera,
Lake Elsinore, CA

where we will chill and BBQ. We will then head out to ortega hwy by 3pm and start our cruise/photoshoot.

Route B – shows the spot where we can do our shoot.

Route C – will be our last stop. Irvine Spectrum.

Since we will do a small bbq… anyone want to bring/chip in for something? Just let me know.


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