Endless Zeal Function X Coilovers – About Damn Time!

Finally here from the land of the rising sun, the home of drift and fighting ninja anime, the most expensive set of coilovers to ever rock my wallet and send me back into poverty, Endless Zeal Function X Suspension! The box reads, “We have passion for motorsports. We have advanced technology. Our great dreams will come true.” I like that! Now, let’s take a look at these fine pieces.

endless-zeal-function-x-coiloverPretty standard issue — nothing too far out of the ordinary here. The design of coilovers has been around for a long time already, so I didn’t expect anything super innovative. At least I can say that all these pieces look well put-together. Interestingly, the front brakeline holders actually work. I know it’s a weird thing to point out, but on a lot of the aftermarket coilovers, the holder for the brake lines actually doesn’t work like OEM. I usually have to zip-tie the line to the bracket.

The fronts are inverted monotube coilovers, so the adjuster is on the bottom, while the rears have the adjusters on the top. The Function X coilovers are 30-level adjustable, but I’m currently driving with them on setting #10 for now, and so far they feel really good — comparable to the Tanabe Pro Seven suspension that I just removed. But the thing is that these Function X feel like Pro Seven suspension on full stiff when the Function X is only set to 10 out of 30. I feel like the range of the Function X is going to be very good.

Also, Endless went through the trouble of making the driver side front coilover reverse-threaded, to help prevent the shock collars from becoming loose. I’m not sure exactly how that works, but it’s interesting that they put attention there.

Lastly, the instruction manual is well-written, especially for a Japanese company. It goes over things like setting proper preload with some tips on how to tune the coilovers. The best thing about these is that Endless is located in Huntington Beach, which is about a 30-minute drive from my house. And, they support their coilovers, even when they reach old (discontinued) age. So, I feel like these really will be the last coilovers I ever need on my S14.

I’ll give you all a full write-up after I do some … “spirited” driving (ha ha). But I feel quite hopeful that these will perform well.

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