DS + FAP Meet & Cruise

Saturday marked the first ever Forever Alone Party + Dreamer Soul meet & cruise. Thanks to another awesome brake job at the mechanic’s shop aka my back yard, Blue and I were running a little late. But seeing as how there would be pictures taken, we had to get the cars cleaned up. These wash stalls are great. So great that Blue doesn’t even feel the need to use soap or a drying cloth.

As you can tell by the high-tech cleaning machines we were using, I don’t blame him at all. I like how there’s 8 positions on the mode knob, but all of them either shoot water out of the hose or soap out of the brush.

Since we were already late, and because it was mighty toasty outside, Blue was nice enough to buy this magnificent dessert for us. Finally, it was time to get on our way.

Here’s the view from the top of Ortega Highway. I’m guessing that big lake at the far right is Lake Elsinore. Pretty ay.

We found a nice place at the top to take a break and shoot some pictures. Here’s me ghosting through the cars like a ninja.

As you can see, we were at the spot for quite a while. We did some doodling with light painting. I know I know… it’s sorcery…

FTW.Panda digging for gold to fund the team some jump suits or jackets. Hopefully he finds something. By this time, it was pretty damn cold up on that mountain. So, we decided to head out.

We ended up at the Irvine Spectrum to get some food and have the team dance battle at the arcade at Dave & Busters. j/k, no dance battle because they didn’t even have DDR. Wtf is up with that? They had this other bootleg-ass diagonal-button version — I don’t even remember what it was called, but there was this couple playing the game with bare feet. Athlete’s foot of peace.

At least the food was good. Here’s Kurisu’s “Legendary Chicken Selects” aka cat turd with fries.

Some fine dining was also had…

… while I basically ordered a TV dinner.

And so concludes this weekend’s meetup. Join us next time for more nonsense!

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