Circuit Sports Coolant Reservoir Tank – Fitment of Peace

So, today I decided to pay a visit to my friends over at G Dimension. To my most pleasant surprise, they had a new coolant reservoir in stock for me to replace my brittle old stock one. Nice timing guys, I just happened to finish JB-Welding all the holes on my stock one a few days ago. Anyways, because I’m such a cool cool fellow, James at G Dimension recognized my prowess and gave me my well-deserved discount. It was such a good price, I could not pass up the offer.

Now, you’re probably wondering why I subtitled this post, “Fitment of Peace.” It’s because the fitment sucked ass. Like… major total ass. The Circuit Sports reservoir is a nicely assembled item… by itself, but try fitting one into YOUR S14, and good luck. I’m glad I didn’t try to do the install myself. Many many thanks to G Dimension for the extra cutting, drilling, and welding work to make this thing fit.

At first, one bolt lines up, and the rearward bracket is totally off. So, the rear bracket is cut off, and the reservoir is held on by one bolt. But then, it shakes in place too much and creates clanking noises in the engine bay. So, a new bracket is bent to shape and welded to match with the other mounting point. Also, the hose barb is pointed forward instead of up, so it’s  replaced with a 90 degree barb. THEN, it’s fine.

There we go — looking real neat in the engine bay, and no more worries about a leaky coolant reservoir tank. Now, about the fitment — I’m not trying to be a Circuit Sport basher or anything. In fact, I’m using their Rear Upper Control Arms in my S14, and they’ve been great for the past few years now. But whatever manufacturing batch spawned MY reservoir tank was kind of a dud. I hope the current batch of tanks from Circuit Sports have better fitment than mine.

… still happy that it’s in the car though.

If you’ve got an S14 with a crappy coolant reservoir tank that won’t fit properly and you’re in Southern California, give G Dimension a call, and they’ll take care of you. Just try not to be a cheap-ass. No one likes a cheap-ass… (626)935-5888

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