As titled, I could use some more torque :p Eh, it’s actually not THAT bad. Later in the day, I learned that it helps to downshift into 1st gear to get around the brick box. Too bad that’s not in the clip, but oh well! Good times 😉

Playing around doing a double-loop around the brick box hahah… There’s actually a lot more room going around it than it looks from the outside.… Read the rest of this now >>

Finally finally finally, we got some new Dreamer Soul racing banners. Just in time for this double-header event on the weekend of May 25th too. Atop is Nakioki’s red NA Miata with the new banner, Rau-Welt style. Most of the DS guys were at Streets of Willow doing some counter-clockwise battles, hosted by Extreme Speed.… Read the rest of this now >>

A few of us (myself and Li) will be driving at this drift event on May 25th. Everyone’s welcome to come along, hang out, party, and get some fun ride-alongs with us. Anyone else who wants to join in on the fun, click the flyer above to go to the Just Drift site for signups.… Read the rest of this now >>

^ Here’s a video of me trying to get this white S14 in front of me to drift for battle time! I guess he was still just warming up. Oh well…

^ A video of one clean lap while I look for other people to drift with.… Read the rest of this now >>

Ah yes, for today’s adventure, I bring you to the mile of stolen horses in the barren wastelands of Rosamond, California. This place is the drifter’s paradise, otherwise known as… Horse Theif Mile! Today’s event is brought to you by the cool folks at Just Drift!

For this event, I made a nice banner sticker of the Dreamer Soul logo.… Read the rest of this now >>

Ahhh, the first drift event for Dreamer Soul. As many of you guys know, my background is in drifting, so I WILL be joining this event. Everyone is welcome to come watch, ride along, or enter with me! I’ll be driving with one of my longtime friends, Lee. If you don’t remember him, he showed up to one of our events with his camera once.… Read the rest of this now >>