Ball-Holding Gnomes

After a long lull from doing any spirited driving, we FINALLY did another team cruise. I know we’ve been to Newcomb’s Ranch before, but this visit was an opportunity for the people who couldn’t come last time. Sure, it was my millionth time coming here, but whatever — the sandwiches are good, man :p

Creeper Shot #1

This was also a chance for me to practice my creeper shots, like this one I took of Blue.… Read the rest of this now >>

So, last night, the homeless bums Naki, myself, and Kurisu went to go eat at Yamadaya, known for its bomb-diggity ramen. I’ve never tried it before, so I figured, “Eh why not?” Lettuce just say I was most pleased with this fine establishment.

Here’s what that intense ramen looks like. This was the shoyu-tonkotsu ramen.… Read the rest of this now >>