Subaru Body Parts Painting Part 3 – The Flow Coat

I left off on the last step with some really nasty orange peel on the clear coat. I really wanted to take care of that, so I ended up sanding the clear FLAT with some 1200-grit sandpaper. That was last night. The shower is a great place for wet sanding.

After the ol’ 9-5, I came home and sprayed the flow coat on. And this is just basically 1 coat of clear, followed by light touch-ups in areas that were not coated wet enough on the first pass. The results… MUCH BETTER!

At this point, I’m going to call this small project finished. It’s not perfect, but this is probably the best coat of clear I’ve sprayed so far. The errors this time were in the primer and base stages. You really gotta make each step perfect before you go on to the next one, and now my idea of “perfect priming” and “perfect base coating” has been… I don’t know… “leveled up.” The next project will be to repaint the rear wing of the same Impreza that these rear valences will mount to. Can’t wait to get on that, it’s going to be sick! (no, healthy! :p)

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