Streets of Willow – Pics from Tommy’s Camera

Doctor Doom was on his way to the track right in front of us. I didn’t know he had a Z. Doom has good taste in cars, I must admit. So, anyways, there’s already been some posts with footage from the last event with Extreme Speed Track Events. But here’s a followup with some stuff from Tommy’s camera.

This dude Frank was there again with his Legend. Not Acura Legend… just a Legend. I’m not sure if that’s the official name of this beast or if he was just naming it himself. It’s gotta be real. I’ve never seen one in real life until going to these events at SOW, but I do remember when I used to race R/C cars, there was a car called a Bolink Legend… and it looked just like this thing. Geez, and all this time, I thought it was a made-up car by Bolink lol.

Jeremy’s S13 with CA18DET, aka baby RB motor. Thing was barfing oil like it was poison, but managed to keep things under control with a custom-made oil catch can. Beware of the James Bond smokescreen attack LOL.

Vida Guerra and Harvey Dent. Big and small Dobermen haha.

This gangster showed up in his RL to break our legs. But it was so cold that he ended up falling asleep in his car instead.

David joined us this time with his Civic. What a hacker, he killed all our lap times that day with a 1:29. Also Kat there with her RX-8 covering it in seran wrap. Maybe she was planning on putting it in the microwave.

All in all, it was a great event as always. More pics in the gallery below!

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