Streets of Willow: Part 1

So, our very first event. Streets of Willow at Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond, California. Pretty fun, I must say. The S14’s too hot though, must do something. Perhaps Greddy Coolant Breather Tank is in the near future! Guuhuhuuu!

Tommy the Burger and I were the first ones to get there. I exited from the trunk and got ready to block off some space for the rest of the DS peeps. As you can see by the abundance of cars in the lot… I got here way to F*ing early.

All pro style n chit with the neon red/orange tape yeayah. Behind me was a scruffy looking man with a Legend race car. Not an Acura Legend, but something else. It looked like a very fast clown car.

About damn time everyone else showed up. That’s Naki with the Miata, my S14, Neil’s FR-S, and Blue’s Mustang behind the dumpster.

Blue brought his favorite chair with him from home. It’s made up of 3 sticks and one of his underwears.

Registration time. Based on this guy’s hat, I think we might have accidentally gone to the fishing building by accident.

LoL strong photo angle. We hobbits have come all the way to Middle Earth to do battle on the Asphalt Plain. Would have been perfect if you guys were barefoot in line hahaha

By this time, the rest of the crowd showed up. Total of 80 drivers. Not bad, we still got a ton of track time.

… maybe too much track time.

See the rest of the pictures with action shots and all that madness below! HA!

6 thoughts on “Streets of Willow: Part 1

    • Haha, maybe we’ll scan our printouts or something for comparison. I already know your ass is going to be fast, cheater! :p

      Are you taking your Evo or your Miata? We’ve got a guy on here with an NA who’s taking it to the event.

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