SR20DET Turbo of Peace – Out You Go!

So, Sharif suspected that his turbo was blown. I mean, it was rebuilt like a few weeks before today, so of course that had to be the suspect of the James Bond smoke-screen clouds >_>

So, it turns out that that was actually the right assumption. You’ll notice the floor was wet. Yes, it rained. But, we got the job done, and the car runs a lot better now. Actually this was about a couple of weeks ago, but I didn’t post the pictures up until now haha.

SR20DET looks so bare without the turbo. Aww… One thing I noticed is that working with those AN fittings is a helluva lot easier than with the stock hardlines.

And here’s the stock turbo and exhaust manifold out in one piece. It took about 2 hours to get this thing out, which supposedly I hear is a pretty decent time. Not too bad ay?

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