Rise From the Grave: Greddy Gracer Front Lip

Greddy GRacer Lip Repaired
Almost a year ago, I snapped my super sweet Greddy GRacer Lip in half 🙁 Shortly after, I decided to test my luck by JB Welding the pieces back together. Well, that didn’t work. I was just too bummed out to post an update about it. Since then, this glorious lip has sat, collecting dust in the garage. Now, many months later, I decided to try once again to reattach the pieces, this time using U-POL 706 body filler meant for plastics.

Greddy GRacer Lip Unbroken
Yeah, you heard right. I said, “body filler,” not glue or plastic welding or what have you. This is what was recommended to me by one of the guys at the local paint and body supply store. Above is what it looks like after the front was filled and flattened using 400 grit wet sandpaper. The REAL repair is actually on the backside, which is thick and nasty, but seems to be quite strong. After letting the whole thing settle, I could pick the lip up by the middle with one hand and wiggle it in the air without any pieces breaking off and no cracks appearing. So far, so good.

Whether or not it’ll survive when I finally put it back on the car is another story…

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