Removing the Bellhousing from Chin-Chin’s 350Z Transmission

Draining the Fluid from Sharif's 350Z TransmissionUltra JDM Baller Guy Chin-Chin decided he wanted to pair a Nissan 350Z transmission with his SR20DET in his boro boro S13 build. What a cocky guy. Until this day, I had never seen a brand new transmission before. The first step of the process is to remove the bellhousing so it can be machined and reattached. Well, actually, I take that back — the first step is to drain the new fluid out of the transmission. LUCKILY, we had some towels and old school books. You know what they say… “Always use the right tool for the job…”

350Z Transmission - Let's Start CatastropheAfter the oil was drained, it was finally time to start taking all the bolts off. We laid them neatly in the corner of Chin-Chin’s kitchen, where they will stay for many moons, until it is time to reassemble this catastraophe. I’m fairly certain we’ll know exactly where each bolt is meant to attach when the time comes.

Stay tuned for the follow-up post, “Chin-Chin Buys a New Transmission.”

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