Pics from the El Mirage Trip on May 18, 2013

Alright, first of all, you bastards should have gone too. It was a blast as usual, the group (myself and Naki) got our cars nice and dirty while practicing some techniques. For him, it was rally drift / handbrake, and for me, I dunno…  I’ve been here a bunch of times already, so it was just practice for me haha.

But really, this is a great place to become comfortable with grip loss because the limits are lower than on asphalt, the tire wear is less, but the same techniques still work. So, yea it’s cool, man. Maybe next time, the rest of you skallywags will come along too! har har!!

This one’s funny. Sounds like we’re all stoned and just goofing off. LoL har harrrr that’s weird…

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