Pics from Streets of Willow + Balcony on May 25, 2013

Finally finally finally, we got some new Dreamer Soul racing banners. Just in time for this double-header event on the weekend of May 25th too. Atop is Nakioki’s red NA Miata with the new banner, Rau-Welt style. Most of the DS guys were at Streets of Willow doing some counter-clockwise battles, hosted by Extreme Speed. I myself was practicing some drift at the Balcony with Just drift. So, we had a bit of back-and-forth action to check on each other. It seemed that it was an all-around fantastic day.

Personally, I still tend to  prefer the cursive front windshield banner over the ones used by Naki and Jex at Streets. It’s a bit more incognito for daily driving. But who knows, that may change in the future.

Soap was busy getting some awesome times on this counter-clockwise configuration at Streets, doing some 4-wheel-drifts and impressing the staff. They waved their black flags in awe and amazement. Those fools, don’t you know… if you go fast, the car ‘gon drift. It’s the way of things.

Somehow, Soap’s alignment went out of wack, and he had to do some adjustments in the pits. Kinda weird… but oh well. It all worked out in the end. Luckily, I didn’t take any pictures of him when he was karate-kicking his wrench to free a stuck bolt.

At the Balcony, drifting happens. Here’s me in my S14 going around the “black box” or “brick building” or whatever you want to call it. Back in the day, this was basically the dumpster box where they held trash cans, but I don’t think people would know what I’m talking about if I said I was drifting around that. Also, damn. Heat heat heat — it makes me have to down-shift into first gear to get around without bogging out. Oh well, turbo life.

Here’s another guy who knows the forced-induction lifestyle. Repping Dreamer Soul and KINOD. Although… KINOD now is more like… KMJ :p

Lastly, here’s Paul guarding the camp.

See below for the full gallery with some pictures not seen above.

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