Pics from Streets of Willow 11-15-2015

Jex's miata

A lot of fun stuff… and not so fun stuff… happened today. It was a good chance for me to capture some more cool in-car footage from my GoPro, and also I finally tested the new engine build on the S14 at the track. With the previous stock build, I was able to get a 1:30 on 595 RSR tires. With this build, I got a 1:31 with drift tires hahaha, so not too bad. Jex and Luis were also here to try their luck at this round of Roadster Cup.

And that’s where things went downhill.

Luis and his Miata

Here’s Luis and his Miata at the start of the day…

Poor miata

Here’s Luis and his Miata at the end of the day…

What a day to blow a motor — It wasn’t even hot outside. On the bright side, everyone made it home safely, and now Luis has a good excuse for a fancy upgrade, whatever that may be 😉

View the rest of the pics from today below —

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