Photos from Nissan Jam 2014

Green Datsun at Nissan Jam 2014
On a spur of the moment, I decided to visit Nissan Jam 2014 at Connell Nissan with Eric. I haven’t seen this many 240sxs buzzing around the vicinity for parking since Drift Day. Arriving at the last hour of the event, I expected only a few cars to be there still, but instead it looks like we were able to catch the whole show. I didn’t take pictures of ALL the cars that were there; just most of the ones that I thought were cool. So Enjoy!

Clean Kouki S14 at Nissan Jam 2014
Here’s a really clean S14 painted by DTM Autobody. I just wish it was a bit lower, but all-in-all, it’s got to be one of the cleanest S14s I’ve seen in a while.

Old School Wheel at Nissan Jam 2014
The car at the opening to this blog entry had these super old school wheels. I know I’ve seen them before, but I forgot what they were called. Maybe Star Sharks? Not sure, but looks badass.

Honey Bee at Nissan Jam 2014
Some of the older Datsun cars had these bumble bee stickers on them. This car had a tag that also said “Honey Bee.”

VIP Car at Nissan Jam 2014There weren’t many VIP cars at the show. Actually, if memory serves me well, there were none, except for the gangsterly car above. The fender mirrors are a nice touch.

Midnight Purple R32 Skyline GTR at Nissan Jam 2014
And then there was this extremely clean R32 GTR. I know I’ve seen this car somewhere, maybe in a magazine or somewhere online. It’s just as stunning in person. I can only imagine how much ass this hauls once it gets going. Perfect.

Old School Datsun Skylines at Nissan Jam 2014
So, if the purple R32 above is old school, how about these old old old school skylines here? These fine automobiles were so pristine, that they had two guys guarding them, one making sure that they stayed cool with the hand fan and the other guy to serve as a crossing guard for people walking past their vicinity.

Clean Engine Bay Triple Carburetors Skyline at Nissan Jam 2014
The Skylines above had triple carburetor setups. I bet this sounds great. Makes me miss my SA22C RX-7 because it was carbureted too. But then, I remember that it was a lovely piece of crap.

Kyle's KA Turbo at Nissan Jam 2014
Here’s one of the most tidy KA Turbo setups I’ve seen. Loving the X-Men intake manifold. Kyle removed the stock brake booster and switched to a brake master cylinder from Chase Bays, giving the turbo lots of room away from the brake reservoir.

Datsun Pickup at Nissan Jam 2014
I think the janitor at my elementary school had one of these pickups. I wouldn’t have ever guessed it was a Datsun. I was probably too distracted by the smell of beer bottles and b.o. coming from the truck bed. The wheels remind me of a cross between VW Beetle wheels and Captain America’s shield. I like the location of the gas filler. Seems like you’ll have to sit down on the ground to fill it up with gas. LoL

Slammed Fender-Flared Z31 at Nissan Jam 2014
I think this may have been the only Z31 300zx at the show. Geez look at the fitment, it’s kinda crazy. This guy needs to get some fender flares for  his fender flares…

Clean S30 240Z on Watanabe Wheels at Nissan Jam 2014
This is one of the cleanest 240Z’s I’ve seen in a while. I forgot to take a close look at those wheels, so I’m not sure if they’re Panasports or Watanabes, but they’re perfect for this car.

Original L-Series Motor at Nissan Jam 2014
The 240Z above still had the original L-Series motor under the hood.  I can only imagine how tough it is to maintain this given the age of the car. I noticed that many older Datsuns use triple carburetor setups, but this one looks like it’s only using two. H…how…how does that work?

Clean Green 240Z at Nissan Jam 2014
If I had the pleasure of owning a 240Z, I’d make it look something like this car. It’s everything I could ask for from a classic Z — super clean body, awesome paint job, fender flares, and nice wide wheels. The only thing I’d probably add is a damn coolant reservoir tank instead of letting the coolant drip onto the ground. This car must run on off of gasoline, air in the cooling passages, and a good amount of sorcery.

RB25DET S30 240Z at Nissan Jam 2014
It’s amazing how well the RB25DET fits into the old 240Z chassis. It’s almost as if it was made to be swapped into these cars. I saw this yellow Z leaving the meet as I was walking to my car, and it sounded so smooth.

180SX with Kouki Aero at Nissan Jam 2014
This S13 is like the perfect daily drifter with the full Kouki 180SX aero. Ahhh such a nice car… such a nice car.

Datsun 510 at Nissan Jam 2014
I took a photo of this Datsun 510 because of the wheels. I swear, old school Panasports / Watanabes look good on every car older than 1989.

Goon Squad Datsun Wagon at Nissan Jam 2014
Honestly, I only took this picture because it has a sticker on the back window that says “Goon Squad.” LoL

Slammed Zenki S14 Kitaoka Style at Nissan Jam 2014
Ahhh… an ode to Signal Auto’s Kitaoka-san. Here’s all you need to do if you own a Zenki S14 and want to make it look good. Slam it. Put on a set of Regamaster wheels with good size and offset. Done.

Bologne Cutter Wheels Cressida at Nissan Jam 2014
After looking at all the cars from the show, Eric and I decided to take a look at the spectator lot. I knew this was a good decision, because if we hadn’t done this, I wouldn’t have gotten to see what it looks like to have a spaghetti maker as a set of wheels.

70s Toyota Celica at Nissan Jam 2014
This 1970’s Toyota Celica was also hiding in the back lot. Oh man this thing is perfect. Those wheels… that tow strap… that rear window shade. Hnggg makes me feel like a bosozoku.

Bosozoku Song Horn at Nissan Jam 2014
But of all the things on the car, this is probably the best. No, this isn’t a red dixie cup. It’s a horn, and not just any ordinary horn. It’s a musical horn. YES! LOL. Imagine strolling through your neighborhood in this car while horning the notes to some old movie like The Godfather.

Paisa Drift at Nissan Jam 2014
I also saw some celebrities back here. Who are these S13 owners? Well, Paisa Drift, of course!

Paisa Team Sticker at Nissan Jam 2014
You may recognize Paisa Drift from online videos such as, “Blocking the 710 Freeway to do manji” and the associated flame threads on Facebook. You know what they say… “Sometimes, you just gotta drift.”

SR20DE Datsun Pickup at Nissan Jam 2014
This Datsun pickup was the last thing I saw at the meet before leaving. It’s quite special because it has…

Naturally Aspirated SR20 with ITB at Nissan Jam 2014
… a naturally aspirated SR20DE with individual throttle bodies.

The Hell?

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