New Goodies: Cusco 5-Point Half Cage and Billion Thermostat for the S14

Finally, the Cusco/Safety 21 cage arrived. I took about 2 months or so for them to make it and send it over from Japan. But really, it’s a nice thing, you’ll see. The first step was to remove the rear interior on the S14. To do the install, you need to take out the back seats (butt portion and back rest), and the passenger and driver side armrest plastics. Also, you’ll need to remove the seat belt rollers temporarily to gain space for bolting (or welding) the cage into place. You’ll also need to cut the floor carpet a little bit to make space for the two mounting points by the B-Pillars.

Here’s Eric helping to remove the interior from the driver side of the car. You can see the exquisite expression on his face.

Here’s me bolting some pieces of the cage together on the interior. It’s really best to have two people to do this install. Actually, I honestly think you need at least 2 people, one to hold the bolt on the outside and one to screw the nut on the inside. I guess this might not apply if you’re welding it down. Mixmaster Banh says he installed a 6-point cage in his S13 by himself once. I don’t even know how… I think he must have very long arms.

Here’s how the cage looks like when installed. This one is technically a 5-point cage. It’s basically a 4-point with an additional diagonal bar, which you can see in this picture.

I also got this fancy new Billion low-temp thermostat from Sam at It’s got a higher flow rate and an earlier opening temperature. It was either this or the Nismo thermostat, but that thing… I swear it’s only in stock once in a blue moon. You should check out Sam’s site. It’s really cool!

Kermit slept the whole time…

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