Installing Raj’s KW V3 Coilovers

One Expensive Box. V3 = No Tophats :(
By far the most expensive box I’ve opened in quite some time… Raj bought the KW V3 Coilovers, which have adjustable bump and separately adjustable rebound, making them a big notch above most of your bargain barrel made-in-taiwan suspensions. I just wish they came with their own tophats, but it looks like you need to buy the Club Sport model for that. On that same note, I haven’t seen spring compressors in quite a while either until this day ha ha.

Strong Working Space
Blue and Raj got started with the car. As you can see, we professionals like to give ourselves a challenge by working on cars in as cramped a space as possible while wearing tanktops and basketball shorts. LoL. Imagine if the car tipped over and squished these guys against the fence. It’d be like a real life version of one of those old Playdoh toys.

Just Like the Back of my Computer
Check out these awesome phone lines behind Blue’s house. ha ha ha looks like the back of my computer 🙂 Neighborhood hub is like right here lol. Brb time to listen in on some phone calls or hi-jack cable tv.

Animal Spotted
While the fine gentlemen were busy practicing slavery in the dirt parking lot, I spotted an animal. So, I took a picture. Looking back at this picture, I now notice the wheel/tire combo there. Would have been a… CAT-astrophy if it were to have fallen over. Oh ho ho ho…

This is what I Came For
Here’s what I came for. (The bbq grill, not the hairy guts in the background). The plan was for me to fire up the grill after Blue and Raj finished installing 2 coilovers. It wouldn’t be until much later that I’d get this started. At least the burgers were great. Blue’s farts can serve as proof to the heartiness of the ingredients. Never eating food with Blue in such a compact space ever again. Smelled like a combination of anime convention crowd + junk yard + undigested egg salad sandwiches.

Suddenly it is Nighttime
So, I’m sure you’ve noticed that in this picture, it’s suddenly nighttime. Yep. 12-hour installation of doom. This is a pretty good composition now that I look at it closer. Raj’s leg on the ground is perpendicular to the spring, and his other knee is about lined-up with Blue’s head which is lined up with the top of the spring. His arm is also parallel to the lightpost, while his forearm is at a right angle. Blue’s knee is also angled perfectly at the lightpost’s head.

Anyways, I digress. This installation was a total cunt.

Blue Fondling
By this time, Blue had already started to fondle himself. Look at those fingers go. They’re all blurry.

Creeper Time
Apparently, it was also time to creep on his family. “Heyyy who’s in there? Wanna see my nipples? HAR HAR!”

Now to Tighten the Front
Blue and Raj finally did end up finishing the car. After getting the 4 KW coilovers in place, it was time to tighten up the top nuts for the front suspension.

Finished Finally
Finally finished!

Not a Bad Way to Spend 12 Hours. Wait...
Catch us next time, when we actually TUNE the suspension. roflcopters :p

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