I Hate S13 Coolant Lines

These past two weeks have been… fun… aside from all the cuts on my hands and dealing with this super cold weather. I mean seriously, 30 degrees Fahrenheit in Los Angeles? Not sure if srs. So, the story goes that one day, this S13 started leaking a bunch of coolant onto the ground after a drive home from work. After popping the hood, it was determined that the culprit was a broken cooling hose, but not your average cooling hose — it was one of those annoying little bastards underneath the intake manifold.

s13-intake-manifold-removedAfter ripping out the fuel rail, a bunch of hoses, the EGR valve, and the upper intake manifold, we’re left with the above picture. (You like that, “Red Top KA” racing engine? lol) After about 8 hours, we had the problematic cooling hose replaced, and all the intake and fuel pieces were reinstalled  using new gaskets.

s13-almost-finishedBy the time we finished, it was a little bit past midnight. Fok this car. The only good things that came out of this job were that a lot of money was saved, and I now know how to do this crappy job in case it needs to be done again. Oh, and the hoses are new, so I don’t expect this problem to his this particular S13 again for a very very long time. Cross your fingers…

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