Goodnight, Sweet Greddy GRacer Front Lip

Of course, it was bound to happen…

The lip, straight from Mount Olympus, designed and forged by the gods of aesthetics, sat in cryo-stasis in my garage for not one, but two years. Unpainted, it longed for action on the open road. Many moons later, it was finally draped with the silky black jade pearl color, more beautiful than the most illustrous shade of green on the most heavenly eyes of the most captivating woman that would ever live.

And it only took like… 3 weeks to break it on the ground. hehe.

That’s ok, there are no regrets, for it’ll be fixed and reattached to the S14 in short time. I contemplated reattaching the pieces with zip ties like a true lazy warrior. Ghetto, right? Well, I figured why not? — it’s going to hit the streets and break again anyways. But no… for the sake of appearances, I’ll try to do it right. There are two options here: 1. JB Weld and 2. Plastic Welding.

JB weld is simple, it’s basically like glue. And it’s not hard to do. The second option, plastic welding, is similar to metal welding, except the welding rod is made of plastic, and would make a nearly flawless bond between the pieces. I’m going to try the JB weld option first, and if it breaks easily, I’ll try plastic welding. Let you guys know how that turns out. If I don’t post about it for a while, it’s because the lip is still holding itself together. So, I’ll see you in a couple of days with a new picture of a broken lip (probably) hahah.

Let’s see how this goes…

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