Goodnight Sweet Corolla, Hello Focus ST3

Just one of those days I guess. After a 7-hour visit at Galpin Ford, someone took home a sweet new ride. The day prettymuch went like this …

Hmm the Corolla’s looking pretty bad in a couple of spots, so let’s paint it. But first, Paul does the masking work, one of the most tedious things about the whole painting process.

Hmm.. the Corolla’s looking pretty shabby in this area, so let’s put some new paint there. Here’s the Toyota with a new coat covering some problem areas where the paint had suicided itself over the years.

And now here it is with all the masking tape and newspaper removed. It’s not perfect — for instance, you’ll notice that the paint wasn’t color-matched with the rear bumper. But that’s alright because it’s still a huge improvement over what it looked like before, and this is seriously not a show car. Or is it?

Later that night…

Hmm wait, whats this? Ford Focus ST3 in Blue?

Hmmm.. LIKE

But how to buy?? Kevin gives the rough tutorial to Paul on how to avoid getting “taken for a ride” (so to speak) by car salesmen.

Eric and Paul absorbing the new information and doing some math before making the big purchase. The Corolla was sold and the value of the car went towards the Focus. Luckily, the paint was already mostly dry… mostly… LOL

Congrats to my cousin Paul for getting a new kickass car. As Norman always said, “Take care of your car, and it’ll take care of you.” Enjoy!


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