ExtremeSpeed SOW Track day – Naki’s Runs (poop joke here)

DreamerSoul once again attended ExtremeSpeed’s event at Streets of Willow on saturday Dec. 12, 2012. We would like to thank Extreme Speed Events for having us and for having such a great event all the time!

I guess I’ll be posting my run first… since everyone else is lazy ass hell. It was a good thing it didn’t rain or snow on us. Even though we WANTED that to happen. Although it was a great day if you took out the coldness. But the cold gave us a good advantage beside freezing our asses off. And I’m not talking about calm cold day, no waaay. This was like HELLA windy cold day. (shrinkage ensues). The cold gave us cooling power that our car needed but the winds somewhat killed our MPH. Either way it was a good day. Times were improved and our drivers improved.

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