Eric Installs New Rotors and Pads on His S14

Eric's Best Expression
ok then test

Here’s the face Eric makes when it’s time to work on his car. Although gruesome, we must agree that this is how we all feel on the inside when it’s time to play the “mechanic game.” “What’s the ‘mechanic game,’ you say?” Well, it’s basically the game where we pretend we know everything about cars and end up braking more stuff than we repair or we repair the cars slower than ever anticipated.

Eric Getting Tired

Two days later, one of the rear wheels was finally removed. 🙂

Eric's S14 Devouring his Head and Arms

Shortly after, the S14 had almost fully devoured Eric’s upper body, “winner-takes-all” style. It is the sacrifice we must make when changing parts on the car. But it is always worth it… That is how we feel about a week or 2 after the ordeal, for our minds have tossed away memories of the pain.

Strong Ability to See Brake Fluid Level

During the brake-bleeding process of the night (and self-bleeding process), we had to keep the master cylinder topped-off with brake fluid. However, how does one see the mysterious “max-level” line… when it is covered with more aluminum foil than Iron Man??? :[

The Guillotine

By this time, Eric’s S14 had enough of our antics, touching it all over its insides. It was preparing the final strike, the guillotine attack. In one swift slipping of the jack stands, the job was finished. Forever. 🙂

Join us next time on another episode of Cooking with Crooks.

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