Engine Diagnostics of Peace

So, after the last track event, I was determined to figure out wtf was going on with the rogue bubbles in my radiator. Like my new super custom coolant overflow tank? Anyway, so far, it looks like the head gasket is ok — leakdown was like 10%’ish tops. Also, pressurizing the coolant system showed no real pressure loss. I want to say that those bastard bubbles are being caused by boiling the coolant on the hot runs.

So, next up on the install list are the Greddy Coolant Breather Tank, oversized water pump pulley, and a custom radiator cooling panel. Hopefully that fixes things. Oh, the water pump pulley — the reason for it is because according to the interwebs, my engine’s stock pump likes to cause cavitation at around 6000 RPM, which so happens to be where I’m at for a large part each session at the track.

I’m thinking that I get to 6000 RPM, coolant stops flowing, boils up, and makes some nasty stuff happen. So to fix this… oversized water pump pulley. Too bad I’ve only got a week and some change to get this all straightened out. FUUUUUU

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