Desert Racing + Eibach Meet on May 18-19, 2013

Following recent momentum of events, we’re having another busy weekend this coming week, starting with some driving training at El Mirage and ending with the Eibach Meet at Lake Elsinore the following day.

The Plan: Get to the lake bed Friday night. Play with cars, and camp over night. Play the next morning, and leave before the heat sets in. Go home, wash the car, and chill out. Sunday, meet up, and cruise out to Eibach. Act like a cheeky kent.

If you’ve never been to a dry lake bed, know that it’s a great place to do high speed tests, and it’s a fun place to camp out. Although drifting is not allowed (on paper), the main thing to think about is WHY it’s not allowed at the dry lakes. I’ll tell you why — you don’t want some top-speed tester going 180mph in his built car flip it because the screwed up surface that you made from drifting threw his car off balance. That said, what do you do? Well, practice where they’re not doing high speed tests, which are the outskirts of the basin. Think of El Mirage as a plate of food, minus the food. The middle is very smooth, and that’s where the speed testers go. The outskirts are bumpy and there are lots of mogules, and that’s where you practice car control. Technically, it’s not allowed — don’t make it obvious. But the rangers definitely are happy that you’d take such a thing into consideration.

The following day is a Honda meet at Eibach at Lake Elsinore. I coulda sworn Eibach held their meets somewhere else before, but whatever, go figure. Don’t have a Honda? Me neither, but whatever, it’s something to do.

See you all there!

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