About Dreamer Soul

A dream chased is one of the main ingredients in the recipe of life. Without that, life tastes like sh*t. The people who share that ideal have the souls of dreamers, and this website is dedicated to them and their adventures.


Before it had its name, Dreamer Soul was an idea to put together a car club. There’s something about doing things with these machines that must be shared with others. And it’s something that you can’t experience by yourself. Maybe it’s the camaraderie; or knowing that when you’re in a bind with your machine, you’re not alone.  When you gather a group of people and do what you would normally do – fixing, tuning, racing etc. – with others, it’s simply more fun. That’s been the basis for Dreamer Soul. Let’s experience fixing, tuning, racing, and winning together.


The big dream? The Dreamer Soul Cup. As we grow and gain regular attendance to racing events, we’ll be registering in groups of 5, then 10, 15, etc. Then comes notoriety. Then comes our own private run group. And then comes the Dreamer Soul Cup.


The car club is also the foundation for the future network of trusted people who share common interests and want to contribute to each other with advice and opportunities. It also provides a place for teaching and learning about cars and racing.